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Reviber Plus Oscillating Vibration Plate Exerciser

Reviber Plus Oscillating Vibration Plate Exerciser

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  • GET FIT FAST AT HOME - Powerful toning plate for fast fitness results. The Reviber Plus burns fat and tones muscle fast.
  •  5-YEAR GUARANTEE ON ALL PARTS AND LABOUR -  Manufactured with a steel base. This machine is built to last!
  • INCLUDES EXERCISE POSTER, RESISTANCE BANDS AND REMOTE CONTROL - Start your exercise programme with confidence with this great machine and package!
  • SLIM DOWN & TONE UP - With 12mm oscillation vibration, the Reviber Plus will shake you into shape. 
  • RUN QUIET MOTOR - Designed to be used in apartments. The case of the machine doesn't move, only the platform you stand on, which means there's virtually no vibration transmitted to the floor. 

Welcome to the world of Reviber Plus. A revolutionary fitness machine that helps you get fit fast and at home. If you're looking for a powerful toning plate to achieve fast fitness results, then the Reviber Plus is just what you need! This machine is designed to burn fat and tone muscle quickly and comes with remote control, 5mm resistance bands, and an exercise program.

Are you looking to slim down and tone up? Then the Reviber Plus is perfect for you! With its 12mm oscillation vibration, this machine will shake you into shape, helping you to achieve your fitness goals faster. The Reviber Plus is a British company, known for its quality and durability, this vibration plate is manufactured with a solid steel base. This machine is built to last and deliver results!

Whisper Quiet The Reviber Plus is whisper quiet, thanks to its impressive and efficient motor. The machine consumes low power, ensuring reliability and low noise levels. The transmission mechanism between the motor and platform is whisper quiet, which means you can watch TV or listen to music during your workout. 

The Reviber Plus is a light and portable vibration training solution, designed to be used in apartments and homes. With a maximum 12mm amplitude, it provides an intense and effective workout, making it more powerful than similar products in its class. The adjustable auto-programme allows you to set your highest speed, so you can focus on your exercise, while the lanyard for the remote control ensures you can keep the remote close by while you exercise.

  • Maximum user weight 200kg (31st 6lb).
  • Size H21cm, W62cm, D52cm.
  • Weight 16.5kg.
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