Why aren’t Reviber encouraging me to diet during the trial?

Why aren’t Reviber encouraging me to diet during the trial?

I take regular calls from Reviber customers that have purchased a Reviber Fusion and Roller and are just about to start their first session of the Reviber 6 Week Challenge. They are all geared up for sets of workouts and have made the decision to get active and make some changes to their life for a variety of reasons. The most common question I’m asked is along the lines of...

“What should I be doing with regard to my diet during the Challenge?”

We don’t offer diet advice or nutritional guides at Reviber currently. I generally say that laying off the booze during the week and eat as sensibly as possible, the physical burn from the exercise should give good results over time.

I checked in with Marlene who teaches the Reviber 6 Week Challenge and she brilliantly answered the questions that our new Reviber customers regularly ask. Over to you Marlene!

“Why aren’t you encouraging me to diet during the trial?”

Ok, the vast majority of diets are calorie controlled over a certain length of time. Once you finish your diet and start eating normally your (starved) body will rejoice and hang onto to every excess calorie (over the diet) that you consume... normally resulting in you gaining twice the amount of weight that you lost in the first place!

So, let’s be sensible, follow a healthy diet and enjoy a little bit of what we fancy, yes if you want a biscuit ....(or two.. or even three).... go for it...then .........STEP AWAY FROM THE PACKET! ........or ...occasionally treat yourself ..then.....CLOSE THE FRIDGE,...STEP AWAY FROM THE CHEESECAKE!

Why aren’t you weighing me?

Overall body weight doesn’t really mean anything, what is most important is your ratio of muscle to fat (body mass index). A pound of muscle weighs exactly the same as a pound of fat, but they differ in density. If you look at a pound of steak (muscle) and compare it to a pound of lard (fat) side by side you will see that the lard will have much more volume, it will take up much more space!

Using the Reviber Fusion and Roller will increase muscle and tone the body. The more the body is toned the slimmer you will look and actually be, your clothes will fit so much better and you will be a lot healthier. Therefore we have taken body measurements as the simplest indicator to track the changes in your body. Also, muscle burns more calories than fat, therefore, the more muscle you gain on your body, the more likely you are to burn more calories naturally.

Muscle and fat weigh the same, but the muscle takes up less space!

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