What it’s like to make it halfway through the Reviber 6 Week Challenge!

What it’s like to make it halfway through the Reviber 6 Week Challenge!

Last week I wrote about our Reviber 6 Week Challenge that we’re bringing out in the New Year. I introduced the concept of the workouts and introduced our Fitness Consultant Marlene Amoo. She set up a dedicated studio space to test a group of ladies who all wanted to get in shape and get to grips with regular exercise and the benefits that come from it.

There were eight ladies in total who were going to follow Marlene through the 6 Week Challenge.

One of the ladies, Fiona, had not been able to exercise for over two years since severely breaking her ankle her ankle. So this was going to be her comeback! Her hopes and aims were to gain confidence, get stronger and tone up all over. Her target areas were her tum, bum and legs.

It was time to regain confidence, fitness and well being after being out of action with an injury.

So along with the rest of the group, Fiona followed Marlene’s instructions through three workouts a week. Working arms, legs, shoulders, butt and stomach using the Reviber Fusion and its accessories and a cool down session using the Reviber Vibrating Foam Roller to relieve tired muscles and to firm up the areas that are rolled.

Three workouts a week is a big commitment and a great effort. If anyone is serious about taking on a challenge and taking control of their health, three workout sessions a week is a brilliant effort.

So let’s take a look at Fiona’s progress three weeks in at the halfway point in her 6 Week Trial.

These were Fiona’s measurements pre-exercise.

Measurements (pre-trial)

Arms; left 11.5 / right 11.5"

Chest; 39"

Waist; 35"

Lower tum; 41.25"

Hips; 41.5"

Legs; right 21.5" left 21.5"

And after three workouts a week for three weeks.

Measurements (halfway through)Arms right and left; 11.75”Chest; 39.1"Waist; 33.15"Lower tum;40.25”Hips; 41”Legs; right & left 22”3 weeks on and Fiona has lost 4” all over!

That’s from what amounts to nine workouts! We did a quick interview with Fiona and this is what she had to say.

So...how’s it going?“I feel that the program is going well and I'm really enjoying the machines and the exercises. The foam roller hurts. I'm a little disappointed to have not lost more inches to date but hope to continue to lose over the next three weeks (although that's me being impatient and competitive with others). My bum has definitely lifted and although I have gained inches on my legs, my trousers hang differently and I know I could go down a dress/ sizer size! I would love to keep going after the trial ends as I am much stronger, more defined and I know there is more progress to be made. What is your favourite exercise?“My fave exercises are squats and lunges because I know they work the areas I hate the most on my body.”What do you think is the most effective exercise?“Lunges & squats”What exercise do you hate the most?“Arm raises!”What do you still want to achieve?“More inch loss” Have you noticed any change in the skin tone (cellulite)?"My skin tone is better and my cellulite is much improved"

And it wasn’t just Fiona who had made such brilliant progress. From the first three weeks, everyone had really positive results. Lost inches, perter bums and noticeably looser clothes! In three weeks! And there’s more to come!

Keep an eye on our social media for individual case studies of the people who have done the Reviber 6 Week Challenge. Their results make for some amazing results! 

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