The Reviber Six Week Challenge - Meet Katie

The Reviber Six Week Challenge - Meet Katie

There’s nothing more reliable than hearing about what the Reviber 6 Week Challenge can do for you, than from hearing from a selection of everyday people who have first-hand experience of completing it.

Meet Katie:

“I’m Katie, I’m a 28-year-old Beauty Therapist. I’ve got a little girl who is 3. I really want to tone up. Everything I do at the moment is half-hearted. I just need to put myself into something, tone up and feel better about myself really. All over toning. I want to feel more confident in myself. I want to carry something on without dropping out at the last minute.”


Body type; Katie, typical 'hourglass' and perfectly in proportion (chest, hips to waist).

Carries her excess weight around her lower tum, hips and thighs.


Although trying to do regular exercise, Katie has low self-confidence and because she

doesn't see results & feels that she has become 'half-hearted' and has little motivation

to stick to a regular programme.

Trial aims; To tone up all over, to feel more confidence and self-esteem and to

feel more confident and motivated to exercise regularly.

Measurements pre-trial

Arms; right 15.5" / left 14.75"

Chest; 41.5"

Waist; 36.5"

Lower tum; 46.5"

Hips; 47.5"

Legs; right and left 27.5"

Katie worked her arms and upper body using the resistance bands on the Reviber Fusion, her butt and thighs doing sets of squats and hamstrings and backs of her thighs by completing sets of lunges.

Then back to the upper body doing sets of triceps hinges and core work by doing abdominal sit crunches.

And to finish each session Katie does a short burst on the Reviber Vibrating Foam Roller. This finishing roller workout helped massage tired muscles and helped speed up recovery for the next session. But the roller also does something else. The Reviber Roller is great for battling cellulite. It does this by pressing directly on the target areas of cellulite. It’s vibrating rolling action presses and irons out the uneven cellulite. The flat surface is to pull the surface of your skin tight again after the deep kneading massage of the fingers and thumbs.

After three weeks of working out for three weeks, Katie was remeasured.

(Halfway through)

Arms right and left; 15"

Chest; 41.5"

Waist; 34.5"

Lower tum;45.25"

Hips; 46"

Legs; 27.25" both

3 weeks on and Katie has lost 5.75" all over

That’s from what amounts to nine workout sessions!

At the halfway mark we asked Katie how it was going: it going?

“I'm feeling really happy with myself at the moment. I'm much more confident and I feel like I'm getting stronger every week, I love using both the machine and the roller. The program is going well and I'm really enjoying the machines and the exercises. My bum has lifted and my clothes are loose! I've dropped a size in work beautician uniform. I most definitely want to carry on after the trial"

What is your favourite exercise?

“My favourite exercises are squats and lunges even though they hurt like hell"!

What do you think is the most effective exercise?

“I can see such a difference in my thighs and bum so lunges & squats”

What exercise do you hate the most?

“I hate doing press ups”!

What do you still want to achieve?

“Tone up more”

Have you noticed any change in the skin tone (cellulite)?

"The improvement in my cellulite around my hips and thighs is amazing"

And then it was back to it for another three weeks of three workouts a week. The number of repetitions increased and more various exercises were added to make it challenging and to get the best results possible.

At the end of the sixth week, Katie was measured to see what the final results would be.

End trial results

Arms right and left; 14.75"

Chest; 41"

Waist; 34.5"

Lower tum;44.5"

Hips; 45.5

Legs; right & left 27"

End Trial results... Katie lost a whopping 8.25" all over

Are you happy with your results?

"I am so happy, you can't believe what this has done for my confidence! ... I've dropped two dress sizes and to celebrate have treated myself to some new expensive Knickers! ... the skin tone around my hips and thighs has improved so much, no lumps or bumps......I'm keeping the roller!"

Will you keep it up?

Everything I've learnt I can take into the gym, I know I can do it...and I feel really good about myself....... can I keep the machine?

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