The Final Piece of The Puzzle…

The Final Piece of The Puzzle…

This week at Reviber we have received the printed exercise posters and instruction manuals for our soon to be launched Vibrating Foam Roller.

All we have to do is pack each poster and manual into each boxed Roller and they’re finally going to be good to go. So if you need me, I’ll be somewhere in the back of our warehouse packing up our newest product ready for launch like one of Santa’s little helpers.

We’re really excited about launching this product. The Roller has such a wide variety of uses and is portable and light so it can go anywhere with you. We’ve already touched upon what and how foam rolling is in this previous blog:

But there’s so much more to it than even that! While we’ve been rolling and researching and exploring our Vibrating Foam Roller we’ve found that rolling has some amazing effects on the surface tissue and that foam rolling can also help minimise the appearance of cellulite. So as well as...

  • Rolling mimics the moves that would go into a workout in the gym. You balance yourself on the roller and physically push yourself back and forth while holding the rest of your bodyweight as you roll.
  • It’s also massaging you as you roll. Your body weight bares down onto the roller and it gets deep into your muscles giving you a really powerful massage while also working out.
  • And thirdly, and this is what everyone else seems to overlook, foam rolling as well as exercise and massage is amazing for encouraging lymphatic drainage. This helps reduce cellulite by pressing directly on the target areas of cellulite and the uneven skin surface and literally pushes the toxins that cause cellulite away.

Once we roll (ahem) this new product out, we’re going to be looking at the best ways to demonstrate this to you and explain what makes us have cellulite, what the roller is doing to get rid of it and how using our roller can keep you in shape by exercise, massage and toxin drainage. 

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