The Beginning of The Reviber 6 Week Challenge

The Beginning of The Reviber 6 Week Challenge

For the New Year, we’re going to launch a new fitness programme for everyone to follow using the Reviber Fusion toning plate and the Reviber Vibrating Foam Roller.

The 6-Week Challenge is going to be 6 weekly exercise videos for you to follow. Complete each video three times over a week and then progress to the next video and repeat until you’ve worked through the full six weeks.

Over the course of the six weeks, you’ll be exercising your legs, butt and core standing on the Fusion. Using the resistance bands in increasingly large sets of arm exercises, doing sets of squats and lunges, doing pushups, planks and side planks and sets of sit up crunches to work the entire body.

And after each session on the Fusion, you’ll be doing a foam roller session using the Reviber Vibrating Foam Roller. Not only will this help your tired muscles recover from your workout, but it’ll also help smooth out uneven surface areas of the flesh. That’s basically a direct attack on cellulite! Where you roll the surface of the roller and its vibrations will be helping to reduce the appearance of cellulite. You can read more about the roller and cellulite here: Understanding Cellulite And Getting To Grips With The Foam Roller

Doing this programme for six weeks will give you some amazing results. Tone up, lose some weight, improve posture and feel great for the regular exercise. And how do we know this at Reviber? Well, I’ve done it and got some brilliant results. I lost some chub, gained some muscle and managed to lose some aches and pains in my back and neck. My before and after blog is here Patch 6 Week Challenge Before & After

But it’s not all about me! Before I did the Reviber 6 Week Challenge the programme was tested on a group of seven ladies. All of different sizes and all had different reasons to exercise. Everyone involved basically wanted to tone up and lose some weight. Lives without exercise had taken their toll and everyone was in agreement that it was time to get active and make a change.

And what better way to than to get our sports and fitness consultant Marlene Amoo to get them back into shape?

Marlene has been a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer for 20 years. She’s worked as a National Sport Development Manager with Sport England and luckily for us at Reviber, she’s helped develop the products we design and the exercise programmes to be done on them.

Never one to hang around, Marlene set up a studio space and filled it with Reviber Fusions and Vibrating Foam Rollers. She began to measure up the volunteers and interview them asking what their goals and hopes from taking part in this trial.

We’ll be posting some of the ladies results in the coming weeks. It makes for some amazing reading!

So it all started to take shape. Marlene had her group to exercise and a studio space to give the sessions from. From these exercise sessions three times a week, they all worked their entire bodies using the Fusion toning plate and Vibrating Foam Roller. This was the beginning of their journey and the beginning of us getting to where we are now at the point of launching the Reviber 6 Week Challenge.

We had to figure out how we could get the experience of a PT session from Marlene on Reviber products to people in their homes. It quickly became clear that it would be unethical and impossible to clone Marlene and pack her into a Reviber box and sell her to our customers.

So we had to come up with a way to make this viewable for all. The simple solution would be to film each weekly session and post it free online for people to follow in their homes.

All you need is a Reviber Fusion and a Reviber Vibrating Foam Roller and you can take part in this brilliant six-week exercise programme that will be the ideal New Year’s resolution to get yourself back into shape!

The Reviber Fusion is available here: Reviber Fusion £70 Discount! And here at Argos: Argos Reviber Fusion £199.99 And here at Amazon: Amazon Reviber Fusion £199.99

And the Reviber Vibrating Foam Roller is available here: Reviber Foam Roller And here at Argos: Reviber Foam Roller Argos £49.99

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