The 6 Week Reviber Challenge - Week 3

Week 3 of my six week trial using the Reviber Fusion Oscillating Toning Plate and the Reviber Vibrating Foam Roller

It’s week three of my six-week trial designed by Reviber’s fitness consultant Marlene. She’s an elite trainer and inventor of specialist training programmes. So, to prove that these exercises on two Reviber products can give results to even the most fragile, lazy, soft creature that could be found, the challenge has fallen to... me, a somewhat underwhelming specimen that has sunk into a rut of inactivity and weight gain in all the wrong places.

Rather, that was me three weeks ago

For the past two weeks I’ve been visiting Marlene’s studio in Liverpool and have been given a thorough workout using the Reviber Fusion Oscillating Toning Plate and Reviber Vibrating Foam Roller and then working out through the list of exercises two more times alone.

Week one was all about show and tell. I was shown what to do and basically told that I was doing it wrong. I had poor posture, my breathing was wrong, I couldn’t maintain sets of exercises and I was wondering if I was actually going to succeed at this. Marlene assured me that I’ll get it, that I’ll improve when I lean technique and that I should do my best, do the workouts alone and improvements will be made.

Week two introduced increased numbers of repetitions and added a few more exercises. I was still in beginner mode and was lacking in technique and struggled through. But there was improvement and I left my session with Marlene and went through the programme twice alone and felt stronger for it.

Which leads me into my third meeting with Marlene and another session with a few more exercises added in. using Reviber products

Nice Posture!

It starts with a compliment on my posture! Marlene says there is a noticeable difference in how I’m presenting myself and that she can see improvements. This makes me beam with pride! 

Breathe it in, breathe it out...

We get down to the exercises and begin with me standing on the machine and taking in some deep breaths and holding my core. I’m feeling good and ready to begin week 3!


I’m confident doing these exercises and feel that there’s strength being gained. But as the sets progress I’m losing my centre and not maintaining a strong stance as the sets go on. I need to hold my core and anchor myself down, enough of this unnecessary groin thrusting! Poor Marlene, she doesn’t deserve that. No wants to see me do that.


I’m beginning to gain the ability to really lean back on my heel, stick my butt out and drop. Some of it is through practice and repetition, some through gaining confidence on working on the Fusion and getting into different positions.


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