The 6 Week Reviber Challenge - Mid-way Measure Up!

The beginning of week 4 marks the halfway point of my 6 week ReviberTrial.

I’ve done three exercise programmes a week and have made sure I stick to the lists of exercises that I’m given. I’m now half way through this six week programme, so I’m going to be remeasured to see what has changed. I’m hoping for more is some places and less in others! Before the measure up I’m nervous, I don’t have massive expectations because I see myself in the mirror and it’s certainly not Superman looking back at me. But I do feel good, I’m standing taller, straighter and after each exercise routine I certainly feel it and I’m sweating it out.

So, the measure up. Before the trial started these were my measurements:

Arms Right / Left: 12.5 /12.25"

Chest: 43

Waist: 38.25

Lower Tum:39.5

Hips 43

Legs Right / Left; 22.75

And three weeks later these are my new dimensions!

Arms Right/ Left 12.5" both

Chest 43.75"

Waist: 37"

Lower Tum: 38.5

Hips: 42.5

Legs Right / Left 23.5" both

My left arm has equaled out to my right arm by growing a whole quarter of an inch! A three quarter of an inch increase in my chest! An inch and a quarter reduction on my waist! YES! And my lower tum has lost an inch! My hips have lost half an inch and there’s a three quarter inch increase on my thighs! 

I’ve lost some off the middle and gained on my arms and legs! I feel insanely happy at this point and I’m only half way into the trial!

That doesn’t mean I can coast through this session though. Oh no. This is the toughest one yet and I’m reduced to a puddle going through the exercises and there are a few new moves thrown in to keep it fresh and challenging.


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