The 6 Week Reviber Challenge - Measuring Up

Have you ever looked at fitness equipment products and wondered if they are going to be right for you?

You’re not alone.

There are thousands of exercise brands to choose from which means it can be challenging to choose.

My name is Patch and I’m part of the team at Reviber and one of the main things I’m asked by potential customers is…

Do you use Reviber products yourself?

For a long time, the answer to that question was yes. Not only yes, I used them, but I got great results from using them and enjoyed using them. But somewhere down the line I stopped using our own products and sometime after that I stopped exercising all together. I turned 40 under a spell of poor health and have recovered from illness but lost my fitness.

I booked a holiday for later in the summer to bask in the Spanish sun for two weeks knowing full well that I’d have to put some effort in to look a bit slimmer and feel a lot better about myself.

In the cleverest way possible I have decided to do the following in the name of work:

  • Get into shape using our own Reviber Products and exclusive workout programmes and blog my journey towards fitness.
  • Get back into shape (because I have a beach holiday booked and there's no way I’m ready to wear my boardshorts at the moment)
  • Showcase the variety of exercises that can be done on the Reviber Fusion Oscillating Vibration Toning Plate and our soon to be released new product the Reviber Vibrating Foam Roller.

I’ve contacted our resident fitness specialist Marlene and she’s going to start me on a six-week training programme that will use the Reviber Fusion and the Reviber Roller.

Marlene is a Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, an Assessor and trainer of trainers. She’s been a key part of the development of our products and the exercise programmes you do on them. I’m counting on the Reviber coach and the Reviber products to get me into shape!

I’ll attend a session once a week with Marlene and then I’ll be working out two more times a week in my own time. Then each week when I visit Liverpool the exercises will change and become more and more challenging as the programme progresses. I’ll keep adding to this week by week and include pictures of my exercises and how the programme develops.

Week One

It all begins with a visit to Liverpool and to a training space that Marlene has set up to train people using two different Reviber products. The Reviber Fusion oscillation toning plate and the Reviber Vibrating Foam Roller.

Measured Up

Before I’m put into training I’m measured. My arms, chest, upper and lower waist, hips and thighs. I’ll list the numbers below, but they’re just numbers. The reality is I’ve got skinny and uneven arms, tiny hips, no bum, little thighs and a big waist.

Basically, my thin bits and wide bits are the wrong way around! I want bigger arms and thighs and a much smaller waist. Like a lot smaller. It’s the midriff that lets me down. I really want to shift some of it for my holiday.

So, here it is. My mission statement and dimensions on the day I start the Reviber Six Week Trial.

Patch: 18.04.18


Bigger Arms, Chest, Legs & more "junk in the trunk".

Smaller waist and muffin tops.


Arms Right / Left: 12.5 /12.25"

Chest: 43”

Waist: 38.25” What, that’s shocking!?

Lower Tum: 39.5” This is even worse!

Hips: 43

Legs Right / Left: 22.75

To find out more about Patch's journey, see his week one video:


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