Reviber Vibrating Foam Roller has lift off!

Reviber Vibrating Foam Roller has lift off!

Reviber Vibrating Foam Roller has lift off!

We’re finally at the point where our Vibrating Foam Roller has been tested, packaged and delivered into our suppliers. We’re very proud to say that is now on sale and can be bought through Reviber Vibrating Foam Roller @Argos

We’re only selling it through Argos for the first two weeks. We want to get some great reviews up on the Argos page to help people get a better understanding of the product. Then we’ll be selling through our own site, Amazon, JD Williams and Scotts of Stow.

The Roller will be available on the Argos Fast Track service. Choose Fast Track Same Day Delivery (only £3.95), or faster in-store collection is free.

Slowly we will be rolling out (ahem) the Roller to all our suppliers, then we will rule the world!

We’ve worked hard to make this product as easy to use and to learn to use as possible. It comes with a workout film that can be viewed on any device and there’s also a workout poster with the exercises to follow.

We really like the idea of fitness and therapy on the go. Having equipment that is light and easy to carry and fit into a busy life on the go. The Roller fits that bill perfectly.

And if you’re wondering what on earth rolling yourself back and forth over a vibrating foam tube can do for you, here are the main points.

  • Rolling mimics the moves that would go into a workout in the gym. You balance yourself on the roller and physically push yourself back and forth while holding the rest of your bodyweight as you roll.
  • It’s also massaging you as you roll. Your body weight bares down onto the roller and it gets deep into your muscles giving you a really powerful massage while also working out.
  • And thirdly, and this is what everyone else seems to overlook, foam rolling as well as exercise and massage is amazing for encouraging lymphatic drainage. This helps reduce cellulite by pressing directly on the target areas of cellulite and the uneven skin surface and literally pushes the toxins that cause cellulite away.

Check the trailer here> Reviber Vibrating Foam Roller Trailer

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