Post 6 Week Challenge

Post 6 Week Challenge

The Reviber 6 Week Challenge is now available to watch and workout to on All six of the weekly workouts are listed now. So many of you have taken part in it and lots of you are well underway to completing it. I’m really happy to have been part of this and feel that the 6 Week Challenge and the Reviber Pilates DVD that comes with the Fusion offers the best selection of exercises that you can get with any toning plate.

I’ve spoken to lots of you and answered your questions and asked you lots of questions too. I ask everyone who is doing the 6 Week Challenge if they would feedback on our Facebook page and am more often than not told no!

There’s a good reason for this. Everyone always says something similar. People buy a Reviber Fusion to exercise at home and privately. The reason they chose a piece of home exercise equipment is that they really didn’t want to go to the gym and workout in front of other people.

So asking you to jump on social media and announce to the world that you are wobbling yourself thin is a big ask! I get that now.

A big part of what we do is offer a great home exercise system, so it makes sense people buy our products and keep them secret and workout in private. I’m really happy to be part of peoples exercise programmes and their journey towards getting fit.

If you’ve completed all six weeks and keep working out on the Fusion, working out three times a week at the intensity of week 5 or 6, you’ve got a level of fitness that you could take into a gym class and confidently hold your own!

But what are you going to do with your well-earned fitness? Take it to a different place? Join a gym and confidently walk in knowing you’re not going to flake in front of strangers? You could take this new fitness into running, join a Pilates class or hit the gym. You’ve got yourself to a level of fitness through repetition that can lead you into many other places.

You could keep using the Fusion at week 6 to maintain your fitness? That’s what we recommend.

You could ease off and not workout three times a week and kick start it again when you book a holiday? Knowing that you’ve got the kit to get you into shape for a special occasion is half the battle won. Just remember to actually ramp up the effort with enough time to get the results!

What would you like to do on the Reviber Fusion next?

More workouts to continue from the 6 Week Challenge? There are a few more moves that Marlene had me doing that relies on you having the strength and technique gained from the higher weeks in the 6 Week Challenge.

I’ve decided to really make myself exercise three times a week for as much of this year as I can. I want it to become the new normal and then hopefully intensify when I book a holiday later in the year. But I know that doing week 5 or 6 is going to get a bit repetitive so I’m looking at mixing things up a bit. I think the workout is amazing and I’d like to do at least two sets a week and mix it up with cycling and some weights.

So let us know what you want from Reviber and we’ll do our best to make it so! If you’ve chosen Reviber as your brand to get fit, we're really pleased you have and want to continue being your fitness choice!

You can make your recommendations on our Facebook page or email us on and we’ll develop our products to suit our customers.

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