Oscillating Vibration Plate Exercise Machines: Reviber Plus customer, Dave Mott - A Physiotherapist & Sports Scientists’ Review

"Having both a sports science and physiotherapy degree I have always been keen on promoting the right type of exercise as a means of treating and rehabilitating injuries and for general weight loss and fitness.

I have been working with vibration platforms for five years now with often astonishing results. Vibration training is still relatively misunderstood in the fitness and medical professions.

Essentially it is a way of stimulating muscle activity by activating stretch receptors that are present in every skeletal muscle in your body. Just like your GP would activate your receptors in your knee when testing your reflexes. That would produce one involuntary contraction in your quadriceps muscle causing you to ‘kick out’ your foot. Vibration platforms stimulate these stretch receptors in the same way because of the speed of the vibrations. Therefore they can create multiple involuntary contractions per second in multiple muscle groups depending on what position or movement you adopt on the platform.

Vibration training does not replace ‘aerobic’ training so recommending some cardiovascular exercise is still part of my overall fitness recommendation strategy. However, for individuals who have limited time, space, confidence or motivation, vibration is a perfect alternative to gym based toning exercises.

Over 5 years I have used an ‘In Body’ 720 body composition analyser to test and re-test body fat/visceral fat and muscle mass in right and left arms, legs and trunk before and after a course of exercise. The most impressive results are when we have used an oscillating vibration plate together with nutrition advice.

Oscillating vibration plates such as the Reviber Plus opposed to the more widely available ‘vertical’ platforms are much more comfortable and produce more contractions around your gluteals, lumbar spine and core. This statement is based on five years’ experience of oscillating vibration plates and two years’ experience of vertical platforms. 99% of my clients/patients preferred the comfort and effect of my oscillating vibration plate compared to my vertical platform (145 clients questioned) subsequently I now only use oscillating vibration plates.

Having acquired a Reviber Plus a few months ago I have had ‘delighted’ clients who have gone on to purchase their own platform. The Reviber Plus is an oscillating vibration plate that is very effective, easy and comfortable to use and consequently offers excellent value for money."

Dave Mott

Dave has a degree in Human Movement Studies and a degree in Physiotherapy, his work includes vibration plate training and vibration physiotherapy. We have a video of the Reviber Plus in action on the Reviber Plus page.

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