Despite the revolving door of key players going on holiday over the summer, we’ve found ourselves in a very busy period.

We are delighted to say that we are within touching distance of launching two new products. Eagle eyed readers may have spotted reference to one of the new products in previous blogs.

The Reviber Vibrating Foam Roller is very nearly upon us! We’ve got a few finishing touches to make on them and then we’ll be finally launching them!

Foam rolling has been big with runners and athletes for a while now. The strange action of slowly rolling different parts of your body over a tube will improve athletic performance and flexibility, reduce the aches and pains from exercise and the aches of sitting in a car driving all day or slumping over a desk as I find myself doing more and more!

We’ve gone to eleven with our foam roller and put a vibrating motor in it too, so while you roll it also pulses deep into the muscles and tissues!

You read that right, it’s going to vibrate! It will vibrate at four different speeds to increase the effects of the rollers deep tissue massage and warm those muscles up.

We’ll be releasing more promotional material on the Roller over the coming weeks, releasing previews, information pieces and Q&As on foam rolling so you’ll be wondering how you’ve lived without one for so long!

Not only that, we’ve got a new handheld massager just about to arrive. We’ve always loved the Zen Physio Deep Tissue Massager. It’s simply a great handheld massager that has only given us one problem, how do we improve it with the next model?

Not a bad problem to have to be honest, but we’ve been scratching our heads wondering how to improve things moving forward. Then out of the blue we came up with the idea of using different temperatures with massage machines and things quickly moved forward into the Reviber Hot And Cold Massager.

Between us all at Reviber I think we’ve had just about every ache and pain going. Some are old war wounds, others more recent. We regularly reach for the Zen Physio and there’s often a hot pack or a cold compress in use. This got us to thinking that different injuries require different treatments.

Hot and cold do different things and we wanted to be able to specialise in them with a great handheld massager. The Hot & Cold Massager can offer the choice of raising its temperature or lowering it to suit the need of the user.

Cold therapy is good for treating inflamed, swollen, acute, recent injuries that have occured in the last 72 hours. Put some cold on a pulled muscle and help that swelling go down. Or if there’s need for heat, it can treat that too. Heat treatment is great for relieving stiffness and chronic aches. Heat is good for injuries that have no inflammation or swelling. Heat applied to these conditions helps to relax and loosen tissues, or help the blood flow to the area.

Both hot and cold do very different things and we’re really excited to be able to sell an affordable handheld massager that can help people in a myriad of ways. There’s a few finishing touches to be made, but we’re so close to releasing these two products now, I just had to tell you!

Keep posted for updates and maybe you might be on of the first to be able to try one of our new babies!

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