Making the Six Week Challenge

Making the Six Week Challenge

At long last, filming has begun of the Reviber 6 Week Challenge. Our fitness expert Marlene developed this programme of exercises on the Reviber Fusion Toning Plate that progress from the Reviber Pilates workout film and grow into a much more intense gym based workout. She’s tested it on a group of people in Liverpool and had some amazing results. And I was put through the challenge and worked out for six weeks and got some amazing results.

So What Is It?

The 6 Week Challenge is a series of exercises that you do on the Reviber Fusion. We’ve been aware that there is a demand for varied workouts on our products. The Fusion comes with a full workout film, Reviber Pilates, but our users want variety and want something that can be used to deliver results over a certain time.

This lead us to develop this programme and come up with a format that people could follow easily. It’s going to be six different videos that you follow. You follow each video three times in one week and then you progress onto the next week.

Each week there are more exercises and the number of reps increases so you are constantly being pushed to work all the different areas of the body.

And after each workout, there’s a post-workout session on our new product the Reviber Vibrating Foam Roller. You’ll roll the calfs, hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes. This rolling session will be a welcome cooldown that will help your tired muscles recover, ready for the next session!

Over the last week, I’ve been filming Marline delivering the different sessions to the camera. I’m going to edit them into the different sections so that people will be able to follow the weekly videos themselves as they progress through the Reviber 6 Week Challenge. All the videos will be available on for free. If you own a Reviber Fusion, it’s all going to be there for free access. The only thing holding you back is you!

What we’re really hoping for is people to take part in the 6 week Challenge and for them to share their progress on our Facebook page. Something I found that when I did the challenge was that blogging, measuring the time spent working out was a great motivator to maintain the pattern of exercise. So if you’re looking for extra motivation, let us know and we’ll be there with you!

We’re not asking for long-winded journals, but if you wanted to, that’d be amazing! Just a post on our Facebook page to say that you’re taking part and we’ll give you encouragement. Likewise, if you’re struggling with an exercise, or find you need some help, we’re on here to help! That’s what the Reviber Community Page is all about. We want you to let us know what you think of us, how we can improve things for you and generally make the world a better place!

The first parts of the Reviber 6 Week Challenge will be being announced very soon. Keep an eye on our Social Media. We can’t wait to see how you all get on with it! 

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