Lifestyle Choices We Should All Work Towards.

Lifestyle Choices We Should All Work Towards.

Lifestyle Choices We Should All Work Towards.

We are all living longer and longer lives. What is important is that we live long lives and we live them well and in good health and as pain-free as possible.

What should we do to achieve this? Is there a magic pill that can keep us fit and healthy? Can a doctor give you an injection that keeps you fit and healthy? Unfortunately not. Modern medicine can do some incredible things and help us battle illnesses, repair us when we physically injure ourselves and medicate us to live with conditions. But it is not great for managing the problems that many of us face living in the modern world. We face problems that can limit our lives such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity. And we are responsible for ourselves to avoid these problems.

These conditions are linked to lifestyle choices. Consuming alcohol, long lengths of time sat at desks inactive, rushing around to make up time stressing out, smoking cigarettes. Too much rich food and not enough exercise. And we’re all doing at least some of those things too much.

As good as our Health Service is, it is no alternative to us living a healthy and functional life.

Doctor’s prescribe drugs and medicines to manage and counteract the results of your lifestyle. Painkillers to treat bad knees, antidepressants to treat low mood, pills to manage cholesterol and blood pressure. These are all helping us but don’t get to the source of the problems we face. They just limit the damages that we’ve sustained.

Making changes to your lifestyle isn’t easy. A lot of us have made up our minds to ignore the good advice and overeat, drink too much and stop moving enough to burn off the excess calories we’ve consumed. Putting on weight means that we don’t get the same quality of sleep, then we don’t feel as positive and we cut corners and the cycle begins and repeats.

We all know what to do. Drink less booze, cut down on junk food, get out and do a bit more physically. But breaking the cycle is difficult, trust me, I get it. I can go from treating my body like a temple to treating it like a fairground without noticing.

But it is possible to get on top of it. Once you start to recognise that the world around us makes things difficult, it is possible to make some changes and accept that you are able to take control of your life and live a healthier and longer life.

Finding ways to make changes, manage exercises into your day and get fitter is something that we try to do at Reviber. We admit that we give advice that can be hard to follow. We know exactly what we need to do to be healthy and we know why we sometimes fall short of this. Too many temptations and not enough motivation.

That’s one of the reasons we have a Reviber Lifestyle Community. We’d like to use this as a platform to share our motivation and let you share yours with us. Together we can inspire each other to make the right choices and understand each other’s motivations. We all need someone to hold our hands-and that’s what we’re here to do. 

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