Good Old Fashioned Customer Service.

Good Old Fashioned Customer Service.

We don’t push our customer service as much as we should. We constantly help customers both old and new, and we receive constant reassurances that we’re on the right path from our customers who tell us that we are different from the usual battle to get through the crucible of customer services.

It’s pretty simple. On my first day at Reviber the owner said to me that at Reviber we like to treat people how we like to be treated ourselves. And we like to be treated well.

This rule is what we believe sets us apart from the competition. And strangely, we don’t talk about it nearly enough!

Well, not today! We usually receive positive verbal feedback, great reviews and complimentary emails. Sometimes we even receive thank you cards through the post!

But an email that dropped in over the weekend could be a contender for the greatest feedback ever. Mr Din had an old Reviber that was in need of a part to make it run like new again. He contacted us and we diagnosed the fault and got the part to him immediately.

Check this out for great feedback!

Iqbal-Ud Din started the conversation

Apr 6, 11:33

Dear Patrick and the lovely lady I initially spoke with.

I am a bit speechless with how amazing you are all.

From the time of my initial query, to getting the spare parts and fitting them. 48 Hours.

You are amongst a handful of businesses that consistently maintain this standard. 6 years of buying from you and you guys still fly the flag for excellence.

I found you all to be:-







Wishing you all further success.

Kindest regards

Iqbal Ud Din

As I said, we receive regular great feedback and carry on as normal. But this is GREAT feedback and I’ve had to share this!

We take care and time with our customers at Reviber. It can easily be overlooked in the digital age when orders are placed by pressing buttons and a delivery driver brings it to your home.

But customer service, having a human being that can be contacted if you need advice, have a problem or want to order again is one of the old school values that we simply will not do away with. Our product range covers fitness and therapy equipment and our customers need more than just the product to work with. They can need advice and help to go with the machine. At Reviber that’s exactly what you get. Good old fashioned customer service.

You’re welcome! 

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