End of January fitness review

Everyone was giving it big talk through the Christmas break. I had friends that were pushing in the food and sinking drinks like competitive eaters while saying that it’d get evened out with a really big commitment as of January 1st. I was enjoying the food and drink too, but I knew we were going to be putting up the Reviber 6 Week Challenge and that I was going to have to be as fit as the programme. So I’d been doing a bit over Christmas as well as cycling in and out of work. Most people though put physical exercise on the back burner and get stuck into the selection boxes and mince pies.

Some of my friends were true to their word. They knocked the booze on the head and hit the gym. Some went hard on the dieting and some simply carried on as if Christmas had been extended.

It’s the end of January as I write this blog and as we’ve rolled out the Reviber 6 Week Challenge I’ve been ahead of the release schedule and can confidently say I’m working out at Week 6 level of fitness. That hasn’t happened because I’m healthy, it’s happened through regular workouts and not giving up. I’ve done this to get fit and to be able to talk and understand our customers as they use Reviber products.

The feedback from our customers who have engaged with the Challenge has been brilliant. So many people have made a really successful start to the New Year and are now reaping the benefits of all the exercises and stretching in the programme. I’ve really enjoyed answering emails, taking phone calls and communicating through Facebook and helping people keep on track and focused through their workouts.

And it’s never too late to start. Whatever it is. You don’t have to use a Reviber to get fit, obviously, I want you to buy one! But fitness comes from you. Join a gym, get out on the bike, go for a run, take up pilates, buy a piece of equipment like a Reviber. If you’re thinking about getting fit but not doing anything about it, you’re cheating yourself out of getting fit. You have to start, you owe it to yourself!

So yes, it’s been the darkest period of the year and it seems like the most difficult time to get active and engage in a fitness regime. It’s easy to use this as a reason not to workout. But once you start and once you’ve managed to hit a routine it becomes the new normal. And after the first few sessions, the dreaded leg ache fades away and you’re running, squatting, lifting, Yoga-ing and getting stronger every time, it’s amazing! 

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