This week’s blog piece is about the results from completing the Reviber 6 Week Challenge.

Working out three times a week over six weeks is a great commitment and achievement. To knuckle down to it requires hard work and discipline.

But six weeks is also a tiny amount of time in which some amazing results can be made if you see it through.

At Reviber we’ve wanted to help our customers get the most out of our products and this led us to develop a set of exercises to do on the Reviber Fusion Oscillating Toning Plate and Reviber Vibrating Foam Roller. These exercises would work the entire body and people who did it would see and feel the results by the end of the six weeks.

We developed a programme of six videos. Exercise along with each video three times and progress onto the next workout. We’ve tried to get as much out of the Reviber Fusion and Roller in these exercises. All designed to help you get fit and healthy as quickly and as well as possible.

I’ve done the Reviber 6 week Trial and I got some amazing results from it. It was physically hard going, see the compilation of me huffing and puffing in all the different positions. But I couldn’t believe how quickly six weeks passed and what a change it made to my appearance!

We tested the programme on a group of ladies who all completed the six weeks and gained some incredible results.

So what better way than to sell the benefits of the Reviber 6 Week Challenge than to hear from the ladies themselves?

Let’s take a look at Billy. She’s 27, a hairdresser and wanted to lose some weight from her “middle, love handles, bum, back… everywhere!” This challenge was hopefully going to make her feel motivated to go to the gym regularly.

Pre 6 Week Challenge Billy measured at:

Arms; right 12.25" / left 12"

Chest; 36.75

Waist; 31.75"

Lower tum; 42.5"

Hips; 43.5"

Legs; right 25.25" / left 24.25"

And at the halfway point of three weeks, exercising three times a week Billy measured at:

23.09.17( halfway through)

Arms right and left; 12”

Chest; 36.25”

Waist; 30”

Lower tum;40.25”

Hips; 43”

Legs; right & left 24”

3weeks on and Billy has lost a massive 7.5” all over!

We interviewed Billy at the halfway mark and she said:

“I love it... I don’t want it to end after 6weeks... I’ve got used to the Reviber machine now. I’m so very happy with my progress so far, I never expected to lose 7 inches in the entire 6 bum has lifted and my jeans feel looser around the waist!”

And after another three weeks of working out three times a week Billy’s final measurements were:

Arms right and left; 11.75"

Chest; 36"

Waist; 29"

Lower tum;39"

Hips; 42

Legs; right & left 24.25"

End Trial results... a whopping 10.25"

Naturally, Billy was delighted with the results. We interviewed her and she said:

"I can't believe it ....will you let me keep the machine & roller? Cellulite... what's that?... I'm 'perving' off my own bum! .... Thank you Reviber.... thank you thank you"

“...Can I keep the machine and Marlene? .. I've renewed my gym membership and feel confident I can keep up a routine!”

Everyone who completed the six weeks made similar progress and felt the same. After using the Reviber Fusion and Roller for the six weeks Katie said:

“I am so happy, you can’t believe what this has done for my confidence! I’ve dropped two dress sizes and to celebrate have treated myself to some expensive knickers!”

“The skin around my hips and thighs has improved so much, no lumps or bumps… I’m keeping the roller!”

Cathy said after six weeks:

“After sixteen year my baby belly has finally gone!” “It’s been a great experience, especially seeing the changes in my daughter’s shape. We have something we can do together.”

(Cathy’s daughter Erin did the 6 Week Challenge too)

“My asthma is so much better and I feel good.”

And Erin who admitted she was a couch potato and wanted to get active and fit into her clothes again said:

“I feel great, I’ve done it and never lost so much weight before… all of my clothes fit and some are too big… no more couch potato for me!”

“It is hard and my muscles have been very sore… but as I said, no more couch potato!”

The results from the ladies effort using Reviber products for this six-week challenge are incredible. We want everyone to be able to take up the Reviber 6 Week Challenge. That’s why we’ve filmed Marlene who trained the ladies giving the six weekly exercise programmes for you to follow at home.

If you’re planning on making a New Years resolution to get fit and healthy and want an exercise programme to get you back into shape, the Reviber 6 Week Challenge is exactly what you need!

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