Advice From Reviber

Advice From Reviber

I took a question from a potential customer this week. It was a question I’ve not answered before, so I had to put my thinking cap on and do a bit of research to advise.

The message I received asked:

“Hi, I’m interested in your Reviber Fusion Oscillation Vibration Plate Exerciser. I have Osteopenia and have been told this machine may help strengthen my bones. Can you help with comments? Thanks.”

We regularly get questions asking what the benefits of Reviber products are with certain conditions. Osteopenia isn’t the same as Osteoporosis and wanted to be sure I was advising correctly. Here’s what I found out.

When you have Osteopenia, your bones are weaker than they used to be but not weak enough for you to be diagnosed with Osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones are so thin they break easily. If your bones keep getting thinner over time, Osteopenia can turn into Osteoporosis.

But it doesn’t have to be an automatic case that one condition will lead to another. A range of treatments and healthy habits can strengthen your bones, slow Osteopenia and prevent Osteoporosis.

A Healthy Lifestyle.

If you have strong bones, a healthy lifestyle can help keep them strong. If you already have Osteopenia, making some positive health choices can help reduce your condition.


Bones, like muscles, need regular use and get stronger with the more exercise you do. For bone strength, the best exercises are weight-bearing and movement routines that make the whole body move. This includes walking, climbing stairs, dancing and lifting weights.

Using a Reviber toning plate, especially the Reviber Fusion and its workout programmes work and move the body in exactly the way needed. The effect of the toning plate vibrating works the legs in a similar way walking and running which helps strengthen bones without putting stress on the joints. The resistance band exercises work like weights and strengthen bone mass. The workout videos with the Fusion are delivered by sports professionals to ensure you’re working hard and correctly.


At Reviber we don’t talk or advise how to eat. It’s not our area. We are not nutritionists and know to stay in our lane for fear of saying something stupid. So here is what NHS Direct advises:

Healthy eating and vitamin D supplements

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is recommended for everyone. It can help prevent many serious health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes and many forms of cancer, as well as osteoporosis.

Calcium is important for maintaining strong bones. Adults need 700mg a day, which you should be able to get from your daily diet. Calcium-rich foods include:

  • leafy green vegetables
  • dried fruit
  • tofu
  • yoghurt

Vitamin D is important for healthy bones and teeth because it helps your body absorb calcium. All adults should consume 10 micrograms of vitamin D a day. Good dietary sources are:

  • oily fish – such as salmon, sardines, herring and mackerel
  • red meat
  • liver
  • egg yolks
  • fortified foods such as most fat spreads and some breakfast cereals
  • dietary supplements

However, it can be difficult to get enough vitamin D from foods alone. So, consider taking a daily supplement containing 10 micrograms of vitamin D.

So in answer to the original question, “Hi, I’m interested in your Reviber Fusion Oscillation Vibration Plate Exerciser. I have Osteopenia and have been told this machine may help strengthen my bones. Can you help with comments? Thanks.”

The answer is yes. As a part of your lifestyle change to tackle this new condition head-on, the Reviber Fusion can help. Vibration plate exercise helps with bone density in a similar way to walking and running. However, this alone is not enough. It is recommended that weight resistance training is needed to strengthen bone mass. The Reviber Fusion has really good quality resistance bands. Very similar to Pilates bands and they give a really even stretch and resistance/weight exercise. The workout DVD that comes with the Fusion is a Pilates and gym-based routine that gets you to do more than just stand on the plate and wobble. You'll use your whole body in many different exercises which will help with strengthening your bones as well as muscles and reducing fat. There is also online access to the Reviber 6 Week Challenge which is another sequence of exercises on the Fusion, so there's no shortage of things to do!

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