The 6 Week Reviber Challenge - Week 6 - The End Is Merely The Beginning...

The final week of my 6 week trial. 3 more workouts and I’ve done it. I’ve done so much and there’s a finish line in sight

I’ve gained strength in the places I was weak and lost some of the unwanted chub in the places I had too much. I’ve exercised consistently and increased the amount of exercises over the weeks and have gained confidence as well as both feeling and seeing a physical change in such a short amount of time.

I’ve thrown all my eggs in one basket on this. I want to show that as someone who promotes and sells Reviber products that I have the understanding of the range of products we sell that only comes from working out on the machines. I want to have some proof to potential customers that getting stuck into an exercise routine on a Reviber can deliver results and of course, I want to look and feel better for my holiday in Spain.

The End Is Merely The Beginning...

It’s the end of the 6 Week Trial, but I’ve already decided that I want to carry on using the machine on my own because of some of the things I’ve achieved.

I’m going to run through the last workout with Marlene who has designed this programme and has brilliantly proven that anyone can get fit doing by getting me fit. Then I’m going to be left to my own discipline to maintain a level of effort to workout.

I really hope I do keep it up. Simply because I’m feeling great and feel incredibly proud of the results from the hard work.

So here goes my final run through of my last session with Marlene. There’s certainly no easy last day of school. Oh no sir, this is a full on programme that has ramped up to an advanced level of exercise over the past weeks. This week is the toughest and I’ll be keeping up to this standard in the weeks to come.


I’m stronger in my arms and core from these resistance bands. Progression over the weeks from 3 sets of 8, to 12’s and then 16 has been great. The first time I did these exercises I couldn’t manage it without rocking back and forth and losing my core connection. Now I can push out 3 sets of 16 reps and I’m anchored still and able to let my arms do all the work.

Squats, Squat Steps and Deadlift Rows

I’ve become quite the squatter over the last week, mainly through doing them again and again. The set of side step squats that are added in really get the blood pumping and I’m glad of the change of pace after squats and squat steps into the deadlift row as a chance to catch my breath between sets.


Oh lunges, we don’t like each other, we’ve not got along throughout this trial. I haven't been able to master this exercise. Most other people can and might struggle with something else within the programme, we’re all different and my dislike is lunging. However, doing it again and again has been a part of me getting into shape. I’ve felt every one of them and have to give them credit for playing their part. There I said something nice about lunging, let’s move along .

Pushups And Planks

This week it happens. I do actual pushups. I do 16 pushups on each side of the machine. That is 32 pushups! All those kneeling pushes and planks have paid off. Within this 6 week trial I have finally done enough constant training and can do a respectable amount of pushups.

The second and third sets I’m back on my knees for the pushups. There’s still a lot to be done to complete 3 sets of 16 pushups on each side of the machine. That’s basically 96 push ups with the planks in between them. If I can get to that I’ll be so happy!

Oblique Sit Crunches

Legs turned across the platform of the Fusion and the Abdominal Straps stretched and held next to my head, I do these somewhat uncomfortable sits. I do 24 on each side 3 times. That’s a lot of sit ups!

Sit Crunches

The Oblique Sits have worked my sides and core, now I focus on the more traditional sit crunches and do sets of 24 crunches, then hold myself in the upper position of the sit and curl up further 8 times and then do 8 super quick sit pulses. I do this for 3 sets and I’m utterly finished! With both the Oblique Sit Crunches and Sit Crunches I’ve just done a lot of sit ups! More than I ever thought I’d be able to do in one go!

Roller Session

As with the past few weeks, I do a roller session a few hours later. I’m utterly spent by the time I’m done with the Sit Crunches, Week 6 is what I would consider the SAS do in training exercises!

I push myself to do the full Week 6 programme twice more through the week. It’s at a level of high intensity at this point. Every time I’ve finished it I’m soaking wet and am utterly shattered, but I’m getting a measure up next week and I want to be able to say I gave it my all!


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