The 6 Week Reviber Challenge - Week 5 - Onwards and Sideways (plank)

Week 5 of my 6 week trial to get in shape using the Reviber Fusion Toning Oscillating Plate

Week 5 and I’m feeling great! Confident and happy in the fact that I’ve locked myself into a steady routine of exercise. I’ve made the effort and I feel that it’s really paying off! It took a little bit to get the hang of some of the exercises and through doing them again and again, I’ve learned how to do them, I can see a difference and I can feel a difference. Things are going well!


My arm work is strong. This is because I really hold my core now and let my arms focus on the lifting of the resistance bands. I’m confidently nailing 3 sets of 16. I’ve come a long way from that first session.


New Exercise Alert!

In and amongst the squats and squat rows, Marlene adds another section into the Squats routine. After I’ve pistol squated on one leg, I then step off the Reviber Fusion plate and squat down onto my other leg and then straighten back up to the starting position. That’s another 3 sets of 16 added into the mix! To start with I’m stomping on and off the Fusion like a metal footed lumox, but soon start to tread a little lighter and get a bit more springy! Every new exercise starts me back at the beginning in terms of technique. But with repeat attempts I’ll get it!


My nemesis in this programme. We’ve been battling each other for five weeks now and I’m kind of over them. I’m sticking it out though, but I’m not going to lie, I’m probably never do a lunge again after this trial. Even though I’ll carry on happily after this trial, I’m going to do extras of other exercises. These just don’t suit me. Rant over! In the meantime I’m cracking on with them and doing what this trial asks of me.

Push ups and planks

Yes, I still do push ups on my knees. But gunning out 3 sets of 16 on each side of the Fusion plate and holding 40 second planks in between each set is incredibly challenging! 3 sets later and I’m just about finished.

New Exercise Alert!

Side planks

Like in week three where I did a plank on the floor to prepare for planking on the plate, I’m put into a position on the floor to do a partial side plank. I only have to partially plank this week to prepare for next week when these side planks are added in with the push ups and straight plank. Wow!

Sit Crunches and Side crunches

I’m goosed. There’s no other way of putting it. I’m simply out of gas and now it’s time to hit the sit ups and get to work on my midriff. They say the hard yards at the end of a workout give the best results. I sure hope so because I’m just about finished after 3 sets of 16 side crunches on each side and the sets of sit crunches. I’ve been melted!


I actually can’t do the roller session straight after the workout. I go home and take a much needed shower and have a very timmed roll and collapse.

Over the next week I get back on the Fusion and push myself through these now advanced workouts. It’s all grown from a beginners routine where I’m constantly making sure I’m stood on the machine correctly and remembering to breathe while I exercise to these far more advanced sets that have helped me shift some gut and put a bit of muscle in the right places.

Week 5 Afterthoughts

The fifth week is now at an advanced level of exercises. I simply couldn’t have done this a few weeks ago, I’m just about managing it now with the previous four weeks experience. I’m incredibly proud of myself to be able to workout through this level and can feel the difference because of the things I’ve learned and then stuck to in follow up workouts. Next week is the final week in this trial, I know I can do it!

Week 5 Reviber Trial Exercises

3 sets of 16 repetitions:

W’s with extensions

Side arm raises

Front arm raises


Side step squats

Cross squat pulls


Sided push ups 16 each side 3x sets

Plank on Fusion plate 40 second planks 3x sets

Side planks 20 seconds each side 3x sets

Sit crunches x 24 x3 sets

Oblique side crunches x 24 sets

End with rolling session many hours later!





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