Product Improvements From Customer Feedback

Product Improvements From Customer Feedback

This week we have taken in delivery of the Reviber Hot And Cold Massager. They’ve been selling fantastically well and we’ve had to increase the number of the order to meet demand.

We’ve had feedback from our first customers and made a few little changes to improve the product. We always welcome feedback from our customers and take on board your suggestions and always try to make changes to make our products better and better.

The most common thing you told us was that the power cable wasn’t long enough. And even though the splitter on the power cable is a good idea to prevent the cable being broken when not in use, it would come apart during use and very quickly became annoying!

So we made two very simple changes. We’ve increased the power cable length. It was 1.8 metres long and is now 3.2 metres long. So hopefully it can be plugged in and used sat at a chair without having to move furniture around to have a massage!

The other change is in the connection that joins the power cable to the massager. This was being pulled apart when the massager cable was being pulled tight. So along with the longer cable, we’ve fitted a very simple twist lock on the cable join to stop the join coming apart.

We’ve also looked at making the massager battery operated, but the cost of this would be too much and ultimately push the price of the massager up.

We wouldn’t have known that the power cable was too short if our customers hadn’t let us know. This relationship is really important to us. Even when you are giving us negative feedback we welcome it and try to make good on it. It’s also important that our customers know that they have made a purchase from a company that can be contacted and will take action based on their suggestions.

So thank you for helping us make our products better and better. And please don’t ever hold back your thoughts, good or bad. Although I generally prefer good feedback!

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