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Helen Napier, Helston

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Up until two years ago I was a gym bunny exercise freak, then ill health meant I had to stop exercising on a regular basis. This almost drove me to insanity......until a friend recommended the Reviber Plus. I had noticed that she was looking trimmer & more toned, so went online & did some research. Initially the price put me off, but after dithering & noticing my mood worsening, I decided to take the plunge. It was the best thing I ever did. I have been hooked since day one & never miss a day.

Whilst I have never been overweight (probably due to all the exercise I used to do) I was worried that I would start to gain weight once I stopped working out. The Reviber Plus has helped me maintain my figure & has toned previously stubborn areas, i.e saddlebags & bingo wings. It has also improved the appearance of my legs & arms greatly. The most surprising benefit is how it has regulated my digestive system which I have always struggled with as I suffer from IBS.

Hand on heart this is the only piece of home exercise equipment I have bought that I have continued to use (& the list is long!). It's been nearly two years now & I'm still wobbling strong. Go on do yourself a favour, buy one.

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