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Reviber Plus
Price: £249.99
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Can help to:

  • Tone and strengthen muscle
  • Reduce body fat
  • Strengthen core and pelvic-floor muscles
  • Increase metabolism
  • Improve balance & posture
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Reviber Plus

The Reviber Plus was tested for fat loss and muscle toning by the Independent on Sunday newspaper who reported that it delivers 'impressive results' and is 'easy to use and is excellent value for money'. This is the next generation (oscillating) vibration plate.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle and is associated with lower body fat, improved muscle strength & muscle tone, increased metabolism, and stronger pelvic floor muscles, among many other positive benefits.

While you are having your legs, buttocks, and core muscles exercised by your body's response to the movement of the platform, you can use the resistance bands attached to the side of the machine to exercise your chest & arms to complete a fantastic workout.

Reviber Plus - Oscillating Vibration Plate

A Reviber Plus workout is superior to a traditional, first generation vibration plate such as our Reviber Original. In addition to the fast muscle contractions of the original plates, on the Reviber Plus the body also gets a second workout effect in order to keep centred… called a counterbalance effect. 

It feels as natural and comfortable as walking, but your leg, buttock and core muscles get a workout at an accelerated 1800 oscillations per minute – at the highest speed, your body is being worked thousands of times in a typical ten minute exercise session.

Exercise Plate

Some people will leave it at that and get very good results, but the Reviber Plus is designed as an exercise platform and comes with resistance bands and an instructional manual of additional exercises.

Working out on the Reviber Plus, including using the resistance bands and performing squats is a positive lifestyle choice for people wanting to get fit and stay fit.

It’s easy to get started, just clip-on the resistance bands and with the press of a button you will have started your first Reviber Plus workout.

Price Match

In the unlikely event you see this latest specification Reviber Plus elsewhere for less, we would match the price. Please use the contact form or call us on 01606 352277.

Please see the Options tab above for information on resistance bands and other options for this product - these options can then be added to your order above the Add to Basket button

High Performance

The Reviber Plus uses the latest technology to ensure that you get the best results and enjoy the benefits of a fast toning workout.

Please place your order and be assured of excellent service at all times. Get ready to enjoy the excellent results from the Reviber Plus – delivery is fast and free.

The Reviber Plus has a five year guarantee on the motor and two years on all other parts and labour.

A Sports Scientist's article about weight loss using the Reviber Plus.

What The Press Says:

Independent On Sunday:   Awarded it 5 out of 5 stars, saying that it not only delivers 'impressive results', but that it is also 'easy to use and is excellent value for money.'

Sunday Mirror Celebs On Sunday:  'Even standing still is a good workout....great for arms and abs too and in a few weeks I could definitely notice a difference.'

Wedding Planner:  'You will definitely feel you are working out from the very beginning and, after a couple of weeks, you will start feeling the results.'


"In just 10 minutes you can achieve a great workout with the Reviber Plus and you really feel the benefits on the major and minor muscle groups.  You also feel great euphoria and energy and you will see and feel the difference. Truly Amazing!"

Sinead Peak, Pilates Instructor, formerly an instructor at the Central School Of Ballet, James D'Silva Studio, Tri-Yoga and Pilates Off The Square.

An enjoyable and fun workout!


Exercising your legs, buttocks & core muscles.

Standing on the Reviber Plus exercises the legs, buttocks, and core muscle as the muscles are called upon to keep the body in balance.

Arm Exercise

The resistance bands are being used for arm curls to exercise the arms and all the supporting muscles in the torso. This is also an excellent cardiovascular workout when done vigorously.

Band Raises

Another way to exercise the upper body, particularly the shoulders and the lateral muscles in the upper back.  The band raises can be used for front or lateral raises.

Chest Exerciser

One arm at a time, pull a resistance band across the chest toward the bicep of the relaxed arm. This is a great exercise for firming the pectoral muscles.


I just wanted to let you know what fantastic results we have had with the Reviber Plus.  

My husband and I have been using it five times a week for the last three months.  Along with healthy eating, we have lost 42 pounds between us. I have lost inches everywhere and gone from a size 16/18 to a 12/14.  My upper arms have become more toned and I have lost 3 inches from each arm.   
Also, the cellulite on my thighs is much less noticeable and my knees no longer give way when I go up stairs.  I used to get lots of indigestion but don't seem to get any now.   Best machine ever, lots of health benefits, excellent value.  
Julie Keogh, Hull

The Reviber plus, what a brilliant product. I have used this 4 times a week for over a year now and find it great for general toning (noticed a difference after just 2 weeks). Easy to use and the first piece of equipment that I have managed to remain interested in and motivated with. Have recommended to friends and family and couldn't be without this fantastic machine now.

Gary Moore, North Yorkshire


Dear all at Reviber, I just want to say thank you for the fantastic Reviber Plus machine. I used to pay £30 a month to use one that only had 3 level settings. After saving very hard I was able to purchase your machine. I have used it 4 times a week since I had it (3 weeks ago) and the results are great. 10 minutes on level 7 makes me feel like I have done a workout at the gym, and I get to watch tv... bonus.
Julie Locke, Worcester

The Reviber plus is the easiest and most convenient way to do a workout. It's tingly, delicious and you can even stand on it whilst you watch the t.v!

Suzie Toase, Actress, star of three Harry Potter films.

"In just 10 minutes you can achieve a great workout with the Reviber Plus and you really feel the benefits on the major and minor muscle groups.  You also feel great euphoria and energy and you will see and feel the difference. Truly Amazing!"

Sinead Peak, Pilates Instructor, formerly an instructor at the Central School Of Ballet, James D'Silva Studio, Tri-Yoga and Pilates Off The Square.

Even without the bands, I have been enjoying using the machine.  I am particularly pleased with how my back pain has eased.  I had a prolapsed disk removed 2 years ago, and had been getting a lot of stiffness, particularly after sitting for a long period.  Using the Reviber Plus seems to ease it immediately.

Susan Moon, Sevenoaks, Kent

"At last something to help tone up the flab that doesn't cost the earth!  I used to use vibration plates in the gym and really felt toned but the machines were too huge and way too expensive to have at home. Imagine my delight at finding a product that’s got great reviews, is totally affordable, takes up minimal space and really works".  Janey Lee Grace

Janey Review

Janey Lee Grace, author, broadcaster and co-host on BBC Radio 2.

Up until two years ago I was a gym bunny exercise freak, then ill health meant I had to stop exercising on a regular basis. This almost drove me to insanity......until a friend recommended the Reviber Plus. I had noticed that she was looking trimmer & more toned, so went online & did some research. Initially the price put me off, but after dithering & noticing my mood worsening, I decided to take the plunge. It was the best thing I ever did. I have been hooked since day one & never miss a day.

Whilst I have never been overweight (probably due to all the exercise I used to do) I was worried that I would start to gain weight once I stopped working out. The Reviber Plus has helped me maintain my figure & has toned previously stubborn areas, i.e saddlebags & bingo wings. It has also improved the appearance of my legs & arms greatly. The most surprising benefit is how it has regulated my digestive system which I have always struggled with as I suffer from IBS.

Hand on heart this is the only piece of home exercise equipment I have bought that I have continued to use (& the list is long!). It's been nearly two years now & I'm still wobbling strong. Go on do yourself a favour, buy one.

Helen Napier, Helston

I purchased a Reviber Plus power plate two years ago and since using it regularly would highly recommend it to anyone considering purchasing one.

It is a compact yet extremely effective power/vibration plate which if used regularly will definitely help with your muscle tone and core strength. I have used mine about 3-4 times a week for the last year continuously and have been really impressed at the increased muscle tone I have developed especially in my legs and buttocks.  The addition of the chest exerciser ropes has also helped my arms get stronger.

I have used much larger power plates in my gym but actually feel that the Reviber Plus plate is more powerful than their huge expensive one!

Its a great piece of easy exercise equipment which is amazing value for money, hard wearing and not too large or unattractive that you can't put it in your lounge or bedroom!

My tip is don't hide it in a room because you simply won't use it......put it somewhere so it's easily accessible for the whole family to can even watch the telly while you're on it!

Photograph of Dr Eve in the reception of Evenlines

Dr. Linda Eve MBBS, Evenlines Clinic, Bournemouth

"The Reviber Plus is fantastic for improving core stability, muscle toning and muscle strengthening.  It's the one piece of home fitness equipment I’ve used that actually delivers these benefits and it's also very good value for money".  

Marlene Amoo, Sports Scientist, BSc (Hons), and Fitness Professional. Formerly of Sports England.

"Initially we just purchased one unit to use in our sunbed shop but our customers enjoy it so much they come in just to use the Reviber Plus!   We've just bought another 5 units to put one in each of our tanning rooms and we're also taking direct customer orders as well.

Steven Goddard, Beautonics (

My husband and I have each used the Reviber Plus in our home every day for the past 18 months, for sessions of about 15 minutes. Until we bought it we needed to see an osteopath or chiropractor very regularly (sometimes as often as every six weeks) to treat the lower back pain and referred pain in the legs from which we both suffered.

Since using the Reviber, which is a very pleasant experience, my husband has cut the number of visits to a professional down to very occasional (about every four months) and I have totally stopped needing to seek treatment for the past 18 months. The Reviber has been excellent for me in removing the pain brought about by heavy lifting when gardening and by sitting at a computer for over 8 or 10 hours a day.

Warmest thanks

Mrs Bird of Surrey

I LOVE the Reviber Plus.  I am a very lazy exerciser and do NOTHING apart from the Reviber.  I have had it for over 2 years and do 15 minutes a day, 6 days a week - there really is no excuse to not fit it in.  I think the fact that I have kept it up so long is a testimonial to how easy it is to fit into your day and that it works!  I really needed to tone up my thighs and stomach area, and wanted to get some definition on my arms.  I can see visible results and can tell you girls that it helps with cellulite!  

I have always eaten a pretty healthy diet and have never been overweight, but still had bad cellulite probably from sitting at a desk job most of my life.  The Reviber Plus has helped so much I am confident enough to wear a bikini again when I thought I would be covered up forever.  Another benefit is that I firmly believe using a vibration machine is very good for the body as it stimulates the system, helping to increase the circulation and give a spurt of energy.  

I did a lot of research before buying the Reviber Plus, and had tried a couple of Power Plate sessions as I thought I would go down that route.  A couple of things put me off though - a big one was the Power Plate type of vibration which was not a nice sensation.  The other was on a practical level.  I did not want to waste money on something I would not stick to.  There was no way I could afford to purchase a Power Plate, so that would mean going for weekly sessions which was very time consuming and expensive long term.  I knew I would not keep it up.  The Reviber Plus would be in my home… no travel time, easy access, shorter sessions, doesn't take up a lot of space, and I could use it in private.  It would also work out way cheaper.  A no brainer and one of the best investments I have made.  

The customer care is beyond excellent and they are really helpful with any questions and go out of their way to ensure you are a happy customer.  I do not have any connection to Reviber apart from being one of those happy customers and just wanted to show my appreciation and hopefully help someone else by sharing my experience.

Lynn Williams

After years trying everything from weight watchers, jogging, and lots of fad diets to lose my baby weight, I finally gave in to what I thought might be another fad.... The 'Reviber Plus', only to be pleasantly surprised to find it really works!! After a couple of weeks of 15 mins a day, I was starting to tone up and felt much after 6 weeks I have lost a dress size and feel much more confident! 15 mins a day whilst watching TV is not hard to commit to, well worth it! 

Jane Hopkins, Castleknock, Dublin 15

I bought a Reviber Plus at Christmas and I think the product is brilliant.   I have lost over 3 stone while strict dieting and using the Reviber.

Vicky Sutcliffe

Of all the gadgets I have ever bought - and there have been several - this is the one that actually that lives up to all my expectations. My Reviber Plus, known affectionately in my household as 'The Jiggler' is used twice a day. I have found it amazingly toning  (leg cellulite gone!) and a great stress buster. You can be as energetic or as relaxed as you want; sometimes I just stand on it whilst listening to 'The Archers' and even this has an effect. Excellent to use after periods of inactivity such as after a long flight. My muscles feel fizzy and energised.  The service provided by Zen Lifestyles is also terrific.  

Quennie Chandler Light

I purchased the Reviber Plus last summer and I'm delighted with the results.  I cannot praise it enough for strengthening and toning my legs, thighs and also improving my balance. I'm able to walk longer and faster than I could several years ago.  I use it at least once a day and in bad weather when I don't go out then I use it twice a day - I think it is an excellent machine.

Mrs G from the West of Scotland (full name and address supplied)

I am writing to let you know how happy I am with my Reviber Plus!!  I have used several other machines but this is by far the best and most effective.  It’s quiet and very compact so it can be used at any time.

It really works and exercising has become so much easier.   It has made my muscles more toned and defined and I have already dropped two dress sizes, even without dieting!   It has also considerably reduced the cellulite on my arms and legs.

I am very pleased with my machine and recommend it highly to busy mums who can’t get out to the gym!    Thank you !!!  

Wendy Campbell, Muswell Hill

I recently started to use the reviber plus in my osteopathic practice. It is fantastic for helping in reducing pain free mobility in arthritic patients.  
I have found the circulation to muscles and joints made my treatments easier to treat and move, thus this enabled patients to achieve more out of the session, improving their balance and coordination to such an extent a I now encourage more patients to use it.  I recommend the Reviber Plus for anyone who want to keep on top of their health & fitness.

Nita Mistry, Osteopath

“I’ve dropped a dress size, the results have been that dramatic that six of my friends have bought one”.

Denise Christie, Health & Harmony Studio.

How can I ever thank you enough for such a wonderful machine, the Reviber Plus is absolutely 1st class.  I have lost a stone in weight and it is all down to the Reviber Plus.  Brilliant, magnificent machine.  Thankyou!

Pauline. (full name & address supplied)

"I've had great improvement in my pelvic floor strength since using the Reviber Plus, I put 99% of the improvements down to the Reviber Plus and I've purchased several units for my clients in my salon".

Beauty Salon, Bríd Nestor I.T.E.C., .I.B.T.A.C., C.I.D.E.S.C.O., S.A.C.

"As an osteopathic physician I completely comprehend the value of your unit.  It is helping my wife with a long-standing hip disorder and she can walk up steps in a way I haven't seen her achieve since her injury. The benefits have been nothing less than dramatic".

Dr Ingram

I have been the happy owner of the Reviber plus for only 3 weeks and the improvement in severe back pain and in my balance has been dramatic.   So much so that my nurse, my daughter, my niece and several friends have already ordered their machines after seeing the fantastic difference it has made to me.  They are all delighted with their machines, thankyou so much.

Joan Butterworth
  • Guarantee: 5 years on the motor and 2 years on all other parts and labour.
  • New Pendant Remote Control allows the remote to hang from the neck, leaving the hands free to use the resistance bands.
  • Maximum speed 1800 vibrations per minute - 900 on each side. 15 speed increments. Frequency 0 - 30hz
  • Amplitude: 0 - 12mm
  • Oscillating Motion. Also known as pivotal or side-alternating motion.
  • 200kg/31.5 stone weight capacity
  • Adjustable auto-programme
  • Dimensions: Boxed 69 x 58.5 x 28 (L x W x H)
  • Unboxed 61.5 x 51.5 x 21cm(h)
  • Platform 49.5cm across with a depth of 31cm.
  • Weight: Boxed 19.2kg, Unboxed 16.5kg
  • Power Output:  500W

The Reviber Plus WITH STAND has the same internal mechanism, motor and electronic controls as the regular Reviber Plus but there are some differences in the specification, which are:

  • Dimensions: Boxed 75 x 58.5 x 32 (L x W x H)
  • Unboxed and assembled: 61.5 x 58 x 112cm(h)
  • Weight: Boxed 23.9kg, Unboxed 21.6kg
  • No remote control.
  • It has a calorie counter.
  • It requires 10 minutes of assembly.



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Over to the left, above the add to basket button, there are three options to add extra features to your Reviber Plus.


1) New Model 2014 +£39.99 -

Please take a look a
t the new 2014 model by visiting this page. 


2) Product Option | With Stand | +£49.99

Reviber Plus with Stand

This With Stand option provides stability for those who might need it. Choose this option only if your balance is of particular concern as the vast majority of people do not need it.  In fact, the stand may encourage the user to hold on, which is not ideal for posture during the workout. This With Stand model is ideal for rehabilition and commercial premises. 

This has the same internal mechanism and motor as the regular Reviber Plus. The stand itself cannot be bought separately as it does not fit onto the regular model. 

The Reviber Plus with Stand requires ten minutes of simple assembly.   Instructions and photos will be in the box.  


Optional Extra - Available with all models

7mm Cardio Bands £7.99
The price of £249.99 includes the standard pair of 5mm-wide resistance bands. This optional extra is a pair of slightly stronger resistance bands which are suitable for both women and men. It is important to have the right pair of resistance bands as using them will burn more calories, strengthen the muscles, and provide a cardio workout when used repeatedly. Ordering the bands at a later date will cost an additional £3.50 for post and packingThe Reviber Plus with Stand has the same band and poster options as the regular Reviber Plus. Just like the regular Reviber Plus, this model comes with a free pair of resistance bands, the only difference being that on this they clip on either side of the central column rather than at the sides.

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